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Monday, July 23, 2012

headband doubletake

If any of you are like me then it is completely normal to stare when you see a girl or guy wearing a headband. I don't know what it is that pulls me in like a magnet BUT its true.  There is something about headbands that lure me...they scream free spirit...they echo cool vibes...they have a feminine and tomboyish flare.  I am guilty of wearing the skinny stretchy ones over my hair but the ones that really are catching my eye are the extremely big cotton ones with a cute fabric twist in the front.  The best part is they come in every color imaginable plus they can be worn with any ensemble.  Texture, print, skinny, or fat. It takes a little bit of courage but try wearing one over your lovely locks this month or pushing your bangs back while your hair is in a ponytail but beware people might take a doubletake:)

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