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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Neon and Nude

Oh, how I love these sacred days of summer.  The weather is just right, flirting with you, beckoning you to come outside in the humid free air. For the last week my mind has been mulling over the idea of neon necklaces. I just recently purchased mine at a boutique thinking I will maybe wear this once.  However, I cannot take the thing off.  My new favorite pairing is a nude, tan, gray, black, or white blouse or dress adorned with the neon necklace.  The look gives a classy hipster vibe. A few suggestions is to shop for the necklace that is opaque, vintage inspired, and layered. Another thought is...if your necklace is chunky and dominating I recommend wearing your hair up in a high top knot or bun then finish with a smokey eye and light lips. You won't be disappointed and neither will your date :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

lace and more lace

I know it has been roughly two weeks since I have written a post. So, I am very excited to get these ideas down and a flowin'. I feel as if summer is slipping between my fingers.  The end of summer is one of the most difficult times to dress for especially in the deep hot south. It's ridiculously humid, so jeans are still an occasional option but for the most part shorts and dresses become the most desired choice.  I have been mulling over a few ideas for August that might give you the late summer look mixed with fallish undertones. I keep going back to lace, now I know when you think of white lace its easy to think of weddings and baby showers BUT if you use earth tones and creams then the lace is actually the perfect transition fabric into fall.  It still captures the airiness of summer but has that edge you might be wanting especially, if you are tired of your summer wardrobe. Here are a few ideas that might entice you to add some lace...a laced dress paired with boots, lace high waisted shorts, or a lace top tucked into a high waisted skirt. The best part is the fabric is versatile enough to wear in the fall and winter with tights and a warm sweater.  I am excited to embrace the lace...are you? :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

headband doubletake

If any of you are like me then it is completely normal to stare when you see a girl or guy wearing a headband. I don't know what it is that pulls me in like a magnet BUT its true.  There is something about headbands that lure me...they scream free spirit...they echo cool vibes...they have a feminine and tomboyish flare.  I am guilty of wearing the skinny stretchy ones over my hair but the ones that really are catching my eye are the extremely big cotton ones with a cute fabric twist in the front.  The best part is they come in every color imaginable plus they can be worn with any ensemble.  Texture, print, skinny, or fat. It takes a little bit of courage but try wearing one over your lovely locks this month or pushing your bangs back while your hair is in a ponytail but beware people might take a doubletake:)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

to high waist or not high waist

I don't know if any of you are like me but I have the longest torso in the world. I am about 5'10 flat footed but my legs are literally the length of my 5'4 friends. I often run into issues with my shirts being too short,so then you go up a size but they are too big. UGHH. The days of the long tees are gone and the crop tops are here to stay (at least for the summer). I desire wholeheartedly to embrace the cute airy crop but I didn't think it was possible because my low waisted skinny jeans made me look like I was wearing an 80s work out top. So, I was looking in my closet recently and found an old pair of target merona high waisted jeans. Honestly, they are quite dreadful BUT I decided to snip snip and TADA new high waisted faux vintage shorts. They are quite versatile and encompass a bit of edge. They can be casual with a short top or dressed up with a cute button up tucked in. Some of my favorite stores like "Urban, forever, and free" all sell these but they are much cuter and less expensive when you muster up some DIY courage. Rock the crops, high waists, and vintage button ups for a girly summer look. 

p.s. don't forget a skinny belt it accentuates your waist and adds that perfect pop of color :)